Recommended Data Center Monitoring Solutions from Koi Computers

Monitoring of Environments in Data Centers and Server Rooms

Do you know the environmental conditions your servers are running in? It’s likely that you don’t, but think you do.  For example, when a supercomputer starts overheating, it may not generate heat externally—yet the hardware is simmering inside. Without monitoring, lurking issues have the potential to shut down operations without warning. Even issues that don’t cause a shutdown have the potential to create hidden damage and shorten server life.

Heat is the deadly enemy of any data center. Servers, switches, and routers generate heat, which needs to be removed. As the servers’ internal fans struggle to maintain temperature, energy costs spiral. It is critical that cabinets are monitored for hotspots.

While rising (and even lowering) temperatures are the biggest threat, monitoring can head off destroyers, such as humidity and water leaks, from other sources. Today’s monitoring solutions will also regulate power which can dramatically reduce energy costs. A 2013 study by the U.S. General Services Administration recommended a temperature of 72°F – 80°F for data centers. The study claims a 4-5% savings in energy costs results from every 1°F of temperature decrease.

In a nutshell, computer monitoring solutions track the data center environment to ensure operating conditions are always optimal and the technology can run efficiently at full power. It’s just a fact that proper environmental monitoring is essential to ensure maximum server uptime and longevity. 

Koi Computers offers a number of monitoring options that can be implemented when data center servers are delivered or added to existing data center equipment. Koi Computers’ experienced engineers can recommend and customize a complete environmental monitoring solution, including visual, audible, and email alerts. 

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