Bringing High Performance Computing (HPC) To Life for Government

Bringing High Performance Computing (HPC) to Life for Government

Embraced by the commercial sector, high-performance computing (HPC) is the aggregation of computing power for addressing significant research and business challenges.

HPC enables the processing of data and the performance of complex calculations at high speeds in dense packaging. By using parallel processing for running advanced application programs efficiently, reliably, and quickly, it creates tremendous advances in science, engineering, industry, health, defense, and security.

For example, the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory has an HPC User Facility that helps to solve complex computational and data analysis problems related to energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.   Similarly, the DoD has several HPC centers with large scale HPC systems connected to multi-petabyte archival mass storage systems that provide DoD scientists and engineers with resources to support the most computationally challenging problems. 

These are just a couple examples of how the Federal Government is currently leveraging the power of HPC.  With the proliferation of data generated and being used in these computational research across many agencies, data management is getting more complex and HPC government use cases are nearly limitless.

Key Driver: Eliminate HPC Storage Bottlenecks

A key component of an HPC effort is the ability to store and manage the data. However, with the size and scope of data increasing every year for agencies, HPC storage bottlenecks have become a challenge.

Fortunately, Seagate® Technology helps agencies meet data-intensive performance demands while also accelerating time to insight with its portfolio of scalable, high-density storage systems.

For example, customers in need of ultra-low latency can leverage Seagate’s all flash arrays, which deliver lightning performance. For customers that require high capacities, the hybrid and disk arrays can provide high performance with room for up to 84 sixteen-terabyte drives. 

These solutions offer easy integration, maximum capacity with a smaller footprint, and a cost-optimized architecture. Seagate’s multi-core storage controllers and data replication also allow agencies to access and stream critical data at lightning speed.

Koi Computers Enabling HPC Government Adoption

As a key Seagate reseller, Koi Computers can deliver these scalable high performance computing storage solutions integrated with ZFS File Systems, Red Hat, OSNexus, VMware, and much more.  

Koi Computers also offers onsite installation, onsite support, spare parts pool, and Keep Your Hard Drive options. The company’s world-class engineering team can also build custom solutions that support critical government IT modernization efforts to help bring advanced data management and storage to the forefront.

In addition, the companyhas a strong track record of developing, building, and deploying HPC technology for the U.S. federal government with satisfactory ratings in  Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System and Past Performance.

Koi Computers is a Prime Contract Holder of NASA SEWP V, NITAAC CIO-CS, GSA MAS IT Category, and the 2GIT BPA.

Please contact Koi Computers here to learn more about how we can bring next-generation HPC capabilities for government to life.